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The Only Zero-Touch Vital Signs Remote Monitor

For Veterinary Professionals

VetGuardian 2.5 Device

Gain Peace of Mind with Zero-Touch Remote Monitoring

With unique doppler radar technology, the VetGuardian® touchless platform ensures pets are always safe and supervised at the clinic, from intake to discharge.

Reduce Stress

Patients are more likely to bite or scratch when stressed by wires and wearables.

Remote Surveillance

View patient vitals anytime, anywhere. Get alerts when vitals fall out of their customizable range.

Save Time & Money

Forget hiring someone for the night shift. Use VetGuardian to create a new revenue stream.

Streamline Your Workflow

From Intake to Discharge

Post-Op Recovery
Overnight Boarding
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Used by Leading Veterinarians

My clients are charged a fee for zero-touch post-operative monitoring and the device has more than paid for itself.

Dr. Eric Bregman, DVM
Reunion Veterinary Hospital

What I think that veterinarians should know about the VetGuardian is that it gives a doctor peace of mind and lowers anxiety when patients have to stay overnight in the hospital.

Dr. Scott Baldwin, DVM
Woodland Veterinary Center

Many veterinarians will not hospitalize cats overnight for fear of not meeting the standard of care that is largely set by 24-hour facilities. I do have concerns about patients left overnight unattended. This works for me in that capacity very nicely.

Dr. Gary Norsworthy, DVM
Alamo Feline Health Center

How It Works

- Mount the Device

Attach the VetGuardian to a kennel or IV pole within 5 ft. Press start.

- Continuous Vitals Monitoring

The VetGuardian continuously detects temperature, pulse and respiration with live video. Access the data and live feed on any smart device connected to internet.

- Get Alarm Notifications

Receive alarm notifications as soon as vital signs fall out of their customizable range.

- Sync Your Data

Easily export data to your patient information system or print pre-made monitoring reports.

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Discover how zero-touch performs in a real-world clinic

An All-In-One Remote Monitoring Solution

Heart Rate
Respiration Rate
Live Video Feed
Alarm Notifications
Thermal Night Vision
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