How to Calibrate Temperature

We need to understand that it's not possible to directly measure an animal's core temperature from its exterior. However, there is a strong relationship between the core temperature and the tear duct temperature. To make use of this connection, the VetGuardian thermal camera determines the temperature of the tear duct by identifying the hottest pixel in the visual field, which consistently aligns with the tear duct when it is visible. As a result, it's critical to enter an initial manual temperature to calibrate the system and ensure the accuracy of temperature readings. Before you begin, make sure your device is turned on and connected to the VetGuardian Cloud App. The device should be mounted with the patient’s full body in view.

The Steps:


Navigate to the Session Setup screen

  • Go to the session setup screen and select your device.

  • Add or select a patient for the session.


Click on 'Enable Video' to turn on the camera.

  • Ensure the patient's face is visible to the camera.


Enter an Initial Manual Temperature for Calibration

  • Before starting a patient monitoring session, an initial manual temperature reading should be entered on the patient edit screen.

  • This is especially important for patients with above or below normal temperatures.


Start the Session when the patient's eye is visible to the camera.

  • Click 'Start' when the patient's eye is visible to the camera.

  • The temperature will be calibrated and the session will begin. Expect about a 30-second delay for the device to start picking up vital signs.


If a session starts without an initial manual temperature, the VetGuardian uses a "Midpoint Temp" for calibration.

  • This option can be used for patients known to be at a normal temperature at the start of monitoring.

  • The Midpoint Temp is halfway between the low warning and high warning values for the selected species/weight.


Additional Manual Temperature Readings

  • After starting a monitoring session, additional manual temperature readings can be entered for better calibration. These should be entered in the temperature box at the bottom left of the live session screen.

  • Click 'Update' when the patient's eye is visible to the camera.

  • After the body is detected and a manual temperature is entered, the midpoint temp will no longer be used once a manual temperature is entered.


Viewing the Temperature Breakdown

  • Hover over the yellow temperature value on the live session screen to view the breakdown of the current temperature reading.

  • The temperature reading is composed of the maximum temperature plus the temperature offset.

Congratulations! Your device is now ready for use. Remember, the temperature must be calibrated with a manual temperature reading at the beginning of every session. Thanks for watching this VetGuardian tutorial video.