Initial Device Setup

In this video, we go over how to configure the network settings for your VetGuardian device.

The Steps:


Unbox your device. Inside, you’ll find:

  • User documentation
  • 1x VetGuardian device
  • 1x Mounting arm
  • 1x USB-C power adapter


Attach the USB-C end of the power cord to the bottom of the device. Plug the other end of the power cord into an outlet.


Hold the power button on the side of the device for three seconds. After about 50 seconds, a solid, dark blue LED will appear. The device is now in Setup mode.

  • If you are reconfiguring an old device or don’t see a dark blue corner LED, you’ll need to reset your device by holding the minus button for 30 seconds. The device will restart. After about 50 seconds, the corner LED will turn dark blue.


Download the VetGuardian Onboarding mobile app.

  • On a smartphone or tablet, scan one of the QR codes or navigate to your device’s app store.

  • Search for VetGuardian.
  • Find the “VetGuardian Onboarding” app, then click “Get” to download it.


Once the download is complete, open the application.

  • Click “Let’s Get Started”, then click “OK” to allow the VetGuardian app to use Bluetooth.


Wait a couple of moments for your device to be found via Bluetooth, then select your device.

    • Click “Configure Device”.


    Click “WiFi”. A list of WiFi networks will appear.

      • Select your clinic’s WiFi network.

        • Enter the password and click Connect.

        • Once you see the screen that says “Success!”, the device has been successfully set up on your network.


        The device will restart. You should see a blinking light blue LED while the device searches for the network.

        • After a couple of moments, you should see a green LED, which means the device is successfully connected to the WiFi network.

        Well done! Your device is now connected to your network and the VetGuardian cloud.