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Frequently Asked Questions

How does VetGuardian obtain pulse and respiration without touch?
VetGuardian is based on patented Continuous Waveform (CW) Doppler RADAR technology from the University of Florida. The radio wave is able to bounce back from chest wall movements to detect breathing and penetrate soft tissue to detect pulsating heart rate.
What species and breeds does VetGuardian work with?
Although, VetGuardian was specially designed for dogs and cats, it works on most land animals. We’ve conducted research with 20+ species, including snow leopards, lizards, Komodo dragons, and giant tortoises. Veterinarians can customize alarm thresholds by species and breed.
Do I need Wi-Fi?
You can run VetGuardian without Wi-Fi, but certain features, like Alexa integration and remote surveillance, do require it.
How close to the animal patient must VetGuardian be to accurately detect vital signs?
VetGuardian should be within 4-5 feet of the patient, however, the signal strength feature is the best method to track the quality of vital signs readings. Like a cell phone, high signal strength suggests high accuracy, and low signal strength suggests low accuracy.
What does VetGuardian track, again?
Pulse, respiration rate, and temperature. It also tracks movement and can serve as a patient information system.
Can VetGuardian accommodate moving animal patients?
VetGuardian is intended for stationary subjects, but can accommodate some motion in a cage while also tracking vital signs.
How do I purchase VetGuardian?
VetGuardian is now available to the public. Please contact sales to express your interest.
Is the Early Adopter Program available to everyone?
The early adopter program is only available to a select number of pre-qualified veterinarians on a limited basis.
Is the platform secure?
Yes. VetGuardian data is stored on the cloud, compliant to all standard cloud security protocols.
What technical requirements do I need to have in place to make the best use of VetGuardian?
Please see the following document for a full list of requirements and recommendations.
VetGuardian Required Specs

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