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Troubleshooting FAQs

Unable to type into text boxes.
Restart the software application.
Device was successfully installed and working but is no longer connecting to the app (LED is solid red).
Confirm the computer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi.
Device is successfully connected, but won't return vital readings.
Verify that ‘Enabled Body Detection’ and ‘Enable Quality Score Lock’ in the Admin settings are both unchecked.
LED is blinking Red upon turning on the device - Device has lost connection to the original network.
Verify the original network is still active. You can either reconnect to the original network, or reset the device and reconnect. If none of the above yields results, check if the network in question employs Band Steering (this would be located in router settings).
Device readings return strange values -or- the Device can’t detect patient through a blanket or other cover.
Reset device, set up again. During the setup process, verify that the Flatline Algorithm is disabled, and the Normal Algorithm is enabled. These settings can be found in the advanced settings tab during startup.
Software runs poorly on my computer.
Verify your computer meets minimum requirements for running the VetGuardian Application.

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