Richard Sating

Richard Sating is a professional engineer with 3 decades of experience & expertise at the intersection where digital and analog electronics and software empower medical applications, such Genomics Instrumentation, Biomedical Devices, safety compliance TeleMedicine, Image Processing, Data Analytics, Public Health, and Life Sciences. Richard has extensive skills in medical diagnostics, consulting projects, modeling, simulation, cloud-based architecture, and tele-services.


Ryan Friedenberg

Ryan Friedenberg is an undergraduate at Indiana University studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Kelley School of Business. Ryan has extensive skills in digital advertising, design, and entrepreneurship. Ryan's professional experiences include building a successful e-commerce store, managing ad accounts at a marketing agency, and creating ad campaigns for a medical research practice. Ryan is interested in combining his passion for marketing and entrepreneurship.


Cayla Moore

Cayla Moore attends Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Master of Arts Program studying Bioethics & Medical Humanities with a Research Ethics concentration. Her experiences and achievements include awards and honor recognitions for academic and research accomplishments, tutoring and teaching experiences, clinical shadowing, biomedical and social science research experiences, competition in oral and poster presentations, and commitment to volunteer and service. She has worked within interdisciplinary research teams focusing on analyzing and advancing research skills and trends, demonstrating knowledge of computer coding, and ethically cross-examining the knowledge and literature on subject matters to promote the eradication of disparate health problems and experiences in underserved persons and populations.


Arun Melmane

Arun Malemane is a Full Stack developer with over 10 years of experience. Arun possesses a solid foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms and has extensive knowledge and experience in more than 10 coding languages and software. Arun's professional experiences include developing software for Charles Schwab, developing applications, and engineering software for Bank of America.


Austin Wilson

Austin Wilson is an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University studying Computer Science and Engineering. Amazon named him an Alexa Champion in 2017. As an Alexa Champion, Austin runs the Cleveland Voice Technology Meetup and has helped in the development of the Amazon Alexa Certification Exam. In addition, he is a certified Amazon Alexa Developer. For the past five summers, he’s worked at Hyland Software, where he’s helped create Hyland Labs, Hyland Software’s internal innovation initiative. In his spare time, Austin works with many startups, from drones to medical devices, experimenting with voice experiences. 


Mike Cantu

Mike earned his BS in Zoology from Kent State University and is currently pursuing a MA in Biology from Miami University in Oxford, OH. Mike’s previous work experience includes positions at both the Akron and Cleveland Zoos. Mike has experience in completing research and case studies and was a member of the education team while working at the Akron Zoo. He is currently responsible for customer support, product installation and exotic market evaluation.


Nick Nazak

Nick Nazak is a student at Case Western Reserve University, where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Science and Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Track & Minor in Music. Nick's professional experiences include conducting market and product research at Constellation Medical and carrying out research data analyses at Advanced Platform Technology Center. Nick is interested in utilizing engineering principles and practices in order to solve human health problems.